So 2019 was a good year in many ways for me. All the weddings I did, the amazing clients I met, the many friends I made and most importantly launching my own business made 2019 one hell of a special year.  When I look back at all the weddings I did last year it’s hard not to be in love with every one of them. Each wedding had its own identity and I strongly believe that without a trusting client I wouldn’t have been able to get that inspired. From wide beautiful landscapes to tiny indoor spaces it was very challenging to bring out the best of it. Finding inspiration from everything surrounding us and making the most out of every situation has always been the most challenging especially in a country like Egypt; where there are few favorite spots in the city prepared enough to host big weddings. 
Luckily I was able to get the most inspired and create some unique frames.
In this gallery you will find some of my favorite moments from 2019. Hope you like them ;)

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