So last weekend a hurricane like thunder storm hit really bad and just like any photographer these are the times when I want to be out snapping frames. It was risky, dangerous and at points it felt like a dead end; however, I tried my best to stay safe and seeing people on the street made me feel even safer. 

Normally you'd think when a natural disaster happen, people would be scared and stay at home. Egyptians though are programmed differently. Cruising around the empty wet streets enjoying the storm, even walking around like it's an opportunity to be outside and enjoy such weather. Maybe it's because we don't normally get this kind of stormy weather so some people don't really understand how dangerous it can get, or maybe it's because throughout winter we witnessed an increased amount of rain than normal that kinda prepared us for what was coming. All I know is that everyone I met while going around had this pleasure of being out you could sense their excitement and thrill. Not to mention the heroes who had to do their job in this terrible weather.

Here are some snaps from my cruise around. I know it might not be showing all the damage but this was the farthest I could safely reach. 

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